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Welcome to MyGearList.Info, a website to help you manage your gear and food as well as plan what to take on your next outdoor adventure!

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Gear Closet

Add and categorize all of your gear to help you plan for your next trip!

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Food Pantry

Looking to optimize your calories per ounce? Add and categorize your food options to help plan those gourmet meals on the trail.

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Plan what to bring on your next trip by choosing what gear to bring from your gear closet and food to pack from the pantry.

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Looking for creative ways to shed some weight from your pack or want to show your friends a list of gear you plan on taking? Make your gear closet and food pantry or trips public and share them to get feedback on your gear and food.

Printable Checklists

Once you have all of your gear and food planned out, print out a checklist to use as you are packing your backpack to ensure you do not forget anything!

Coming soon!

iOS and Android mobile applications for managing your gear, food, and trips away from your computer.

Of course, if you have any other ideas, suggestions, or feedback, please let me know!