jason's Gear List


Name Description Weight Consumable
Sleeping Bag Stuff Sack 2.15 oz
Exped AirPillow Stuff Sack 0.18 oz
Rain Pants Stuff Sack 0.56 oz
Stove/Pot Stuff Sack 0.39 oz
Sea to Summit Shovel Stuff Sack 0.14 oz
Granite Gear Packaging Stuff Sack 0.53 oz
Granite Gear 2L Stuff Sack 0.71 oz
Granite Gear 12L Stuff Sack 1.52 oz
Granite Gear 30L Stuff Sack 2.72 oz
Zpacks Cuben Fiber Rock Pouch 0.07 oz
Zpacks Large Cuben Fiber Stack Sack 0.11 oz
Zpacks Cuben Fiber Pack Liner Dry Bag 1.59 oz
Zpacks Roll Top Blast Food Bag 1.38 oz
12x12 Loksak 1.13 oz
9x6 Loksak 0.42 oz
6.75x6 Loksak 0.32 oz
4.5x7 Loksak 0.25 oz
ULA Circuit no extra straps or holders in the pack 34.50 oz
ULA water bottle straps yellow bungee straps with cord locks 0.18 oz
ULA Thumb Straps 0.42 oz
ULA Water Bladder Holder 1.02 oz
ULA Mesh Pouch with zipper 1.02 oz
Thermarest Neoair XLite Stuff Sack 0.53 oz
Small Zpacks Cuben Fiber Stuff Sack 0.12 oz
12x24 Opsak food bag 1.20 oz
1oz jar 0.39 oz
3mL dropper have 2 0.07 oz
6mL dropper 0.14 oz
10mL dropper 0.14 oz
15mL dropper 0.25 oz
Custom Bearikade 750 in³ 12in long 9in diameter base 32.80 oz
ZPacks Medium Plus Cuben Fiber Stuff Sack 0.35 oz
ZPacks Medium Cuben Fiber Stuff Sack 0.25 oz
ZPacks Cuben Fiber Slim Stuff Sack 0.28 oz
ZPacks Small Plus Cuben Fiber Stuff Sack 0.25 oz


Name Description Weight Consumable
6.5” Shepard Hook Titanium Stake 0.32 oz
Vargo 6.25” Ascent Titanium Snow Stakes 0.42 oz
Zpacks Solo-Plus Cuben Fiber Ground Sheet With 6 Adjustable Elastic, Cord Locks, and Mitten Hooks 3.74 oz
ZPacks Hexamid Solo-Plus Tent with ground sheet included 16.23 oz
ZPacks Medium Stuff Sack for tent 0.21 oz
Warbonnet Hammock Stuff Sack 0.71 oz
Warbonnet Edge Tarp Stuff Sack 0.46 oz
ZPacks Cuben Fiber Hammock Stuff Sack 0.25 oz
Carabiner These are slightly smaller and lighter than a traditional climbing-rated caribiner. Rated to 1100 lbs 0.85 oz
Warbonnet Blackbird Hammock Blackbird Single Layer 1.7oz 18.55 oz
550 Paracord Tarp Guylines 2 - 12ft 4 - 6ft 3.32 oz
JRB 60" Tree Straps 2.33 oz
JRB 42" Tree Straps 1.73 oz
JRB Under Quilt Suspension System 2 elastic cords with mini clips on each end 1.06 oz
Warbonnet 58" Tree Strap pair, Triangle ring on one end 3.10 oz
Whoopie Slings, pair sold by the pair, 7/64" amsteel dyneema, 6' length, 1.4oz/pair, whoopies only, tree straps and carabiners sold seperate 1.42 oz
Adjustable webbing suspension 6.50 oz
Line Suspension Also needs tree straps 0.84 oz
Warbonnet Edge Tarp Edge (olive brown) 126"x98" Silnylon includes guylines Tarp only 266g 10.86 oz
Dutch Clip 0.49 oz
tyvek welcome mat Just a small piece of tyvek to stand on 0.92 oz
8ft Sling, Pair 4.69 oz
6ft Slings, Pair 3.42 oz


Name Description Weight Consumable
Smart Wool Socks 3.32 oz
Under Armor Underwear 4.23 oz
Handkerchief 1.06 oz
Rain Pants 9.70 oz
Under Armor Beanie Hat 1.55 oz
Nike Running Gloves 1.73 oz
Mountain Hardware Hiking Shirt 9.88 oz
North Face Pants 19.93 oz
Innov Roclite Mid Boots 25.96 oz
Under Armor Undershirt 6.46 oz
REI Baselayer Shirt 10.37 oz
REI Baselayer Pants 8.22 oz
Dirty Girl Gaiters 1.02 oz
Patagonia Capilene 1 L/S Stretch Crew Shirt 7.83 oz
Stoic Merino Short-Sleeve Crew Shirt 6.10 oz
Stoic Wraith Wind Shell 2.72 oz
Defeet Wooleator Retro Racer Socks Size large 1.62 oz
REI Ultra Light Mens Rain Jacket 18.06 oz
Black Fleece 15.70 oz
Grey Fleece 19.05 oz
New Balance MT1110 US 11.5 2E with a bit of shoe goo to fix a hole in the toe mesh 27.37 oz
GoLite Headsweats Visor 1.52 oz
Headsweats Super Duty Visor 1.66 oz
Black Rock Down Original Beanie Hat 0.92 oz
GoLite Shorts Mesa Trail 12" Run Short (Granite/Black, X-Large) 7.16 oz
GoLite Pants Yunnan Hiking Pant (Grease, Large) 10.55 oz
Kahtoola MICROspikes Pocket Traction System Large 15.38 oz
Goosefeet Down Booties 2.22 oz
Goosefeet Down Booties Stuff Sack 0.11 oz
Alpaca Extreme Socks 4.34 oz
Black RBK Fleece 14.85 oz
Patagonia Houdini Wind Jacket 4.52 oz
Patagonia Cap 4 Hoody 10.30 oz
Fleece Buff 1.23 oz
DeFeet Blaze Socks 2.96 oz
Under Armour Cold Gear L/S Top 7.69 oz
Stoic Down Parka 8.64 oz
EMS PowerDry 1/4 Zip Fleece 9.77 oz
Defeet Wool Gloves 2.68 oz
REI Fleece Gloves 3.07 oz
Patagonia R1 Fleece Hoody Orange, XL 14.32 oz
Darn Tough Coolmax Sock Darn Tough Vermont Coolmax Mesh No Show Sock, Black, Large 1.41 oz
Headsweats Protech Hat Keep your head cool and your neck in the shade; when the weather turns on you, tuck the drape up for a 2-n-1 combo. 2.26 oz
Salomon XA 3D Ultra 2 11 Wide with mud 31.18 oz
Prescription Glasses 0.71 oz
GoLite Malpaís Rain Jacket Our lightest, most packable rainwear. Three-Layer construction for increased durability, breathability, and comfort. 3-layer waterproof/breathable fabric Fully taped seams Waterproof hand pocket and center front zippers Fixed hood with adjustable closures and volume reducer Shock cord closure on bottom hem Adjustable cuff closures Finished with DWR 100% Nylon (15 Denier) Face Polyurethane Membrane 100% Nylon Backer Hydrostatic: 17000mm MVTR: 15000/m2/day Finished with DWR http://www.golite.com/Mens-Malpais-Rain-Jacket-P46940.aspx 8.04 oz
GoLite Koli Wool Baselayer Longsleeve Top This 100% Merino Wool baselayer provides moisture management and odor prevention by removing sweat from the skin and releasing its vapor. Wear alone or as a layering piece. Hypoallergenic Absorbs or repels moisture depending on the conditions Easy care: machine wash & line dry Natural fiber: renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable http://www.golite.com/Mens-Koli-Wool-Baselayer-Longsleeve-Top-P46759.aspx 7.41 oz
GoLite Vista Ridge Longsleeve Run Top Long sleeve crossover perfect for cool weather trail running and hiking, the Vista Ridge sports clean lines, simple styling and a relaxed fit. 100% Recycled Polyester, UPF 50+ 6.74 oz
GoLite Wildwood Trail Longsleeve Run Top Our lightest longsleeve tech tee is designed to move moisture quickly and keep you dry even during the most rigorous workout. Soft and comfortable against the skin, it can be worn as a layer, but also features UPF 50+ sun protection for when worn alone. 100% Polyester Rated to UPF 50+ (Main Body Fabric) 4.06 oz
Montbell Mirage Parka XL gunmetal 14.43 oz
Montbell Mirage Parka Stuff Sack 0.35 oz
Glasses Case 2.33 oz
Sunglasses 0.81 oz
Arc'teryx Atom LT Hoody Black - X-Large 15.73 oz
Arc'teryx Atom SV Hoody LEAF Wolf - X-Large 21.23 oz


Name Description Weight Consumable
Waterproof Match Holder Includes striker taped to outside 0.78 oz
~20 Matches 0.11 oz
Pocket Rocket Stove 3.07 oz
Pocket Rocket Stove Case Includes tape on inside to prevent rattling 0.95 oz
Snowpeak Short Spoon 0.56 oz
Sea to Summit Long Spoon 0.42 oz
Plastic Cup 2.15 oz
Optimus Long Spoon 0.67 oz
Snow Peak Trek 900 Titanium Pot 3.63 oz
Snow Peak Trek 900 Titanium Lid 1.87 oz
8oz MSR ISOPRO Fuel Canister Used once 12.87 oz
Jetboil 100g Fuel Canister Brand new - 201g ~ 3 uses 176g 6.21 oz
MLD 850ml Titanium Pot Stuff Sack 0.21 oz
AntiGravityGear Pouch Cozy 1.52 oz
MLD 475 Titanium Mug 1.38 oz
Book of 20 Matches In snack bag (1g) for waterproofness 0.18 oz
4oz Fuel Bottle 0.56 oz
1oz HEET Yellow bottle 0.83 oz
Venom Super Alcohol Stove 1.71 oz
Windscreen Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil with paper clip 0.39 oz
MLD 850ml Titanium Pot 2.79 oz
MLD 850ml Titanium Pot Lid 0.56 oz
Trail Designs Cone Windscreen 0.85 oz
Trail Designs 12-10 Stove 0.53 oz
8oz Fuel Bottle 0.99 oz
Evernew 900ML Pot Mesh Stuff Sack 0.53 oz
Trail Designs 5.5oz Fuel Bottle 5.5oz fuel bottle, reducer, lid, o-ring seal 0.67 oz
Trail Design Fuel Measuring Cup 30ML 0.07 oz
Esbit 14g Esbit tablet + packaging 0.53 oz
Trail Designs Gram Cracker Solid Fuel Kit aluminum ground sheet + 2 wings and esbit stand 0.25 oz
Trail Designs Stake For caldera cone pot support 0.21 oz
Trail Designs Inferno Mesh Inserts with Tyvek sleave 0.67 oz
Zelph Modified StarLyte Stove Lid - 2.5g Stove - 12.5g 0.53 oz
Trail Designs Inferno Floor 0.49 oz
Trail Designs Inferno Insert 0.67 oz
Trail Designs Sidewinder Ti-Tri Cone w/ Tyvek Sleeve for Evernew 900ML pot 1.31 oz
Evernew 900ML Pot w/ Lid ECA252 Pot Lid - 29g Pot - 81g 3.88 oz
ZPacks Cooking Pot Cuben Fiber Stuff Sack 0.18 oz
Sea to Summit Spoon short 0.39 oz
1 fluid oz Denatured Alcohol 0.85 oz


Name Description Weight Consumable
Sea to Summit Shovel 3.77 oz
Headlamp 2.47 oz
Photon Keychain LED light 0.35 oz
Swedish Firesteel 1.90 oz
Steel Lighter 1.09 oz
Watch 1.09 oz
Kershaw Pocket Knife 3.07 oz
Zpacks Lightload Towel 0.53 oz
MSR Nano PackTowel Small 0.56 oz
Zpacks Mini Carabiner for bear bag 0.11 oz
50ft Zpacks 1.4mm Z-line for bear bag 0.63 oz
Pilot Precise V5RT Pen 0.39 oz
GTec C-4 Pen 0.35 oz
Field Notes Ball Point Pen 0.28 oz
Field Notes Book 0.95 oz
Komperdell Hiker Kork Trekking Poles 17.64 oz
Derma Utility Razor Blade Folding Knife 0.18 oz
First Aid Kit 4.59 oz
1 Gallon Plastic Zip Lock Bag Used for trash 0.28 oz
Bic Mini Lighter 0.42 oz
Petzel Tikka XP2 Headlamp 3.07 oz
Toilet Paper 0.67 oz
1oz Hand Sanitizer 1.23 oz
2 Huggies Wipes 0.67 oz
2oz Poly Container Contains 4 cotton ball fire starters 11g empty 0.67 oz
3oz Germ-X Hand Sanitizer could be repackaged smaller for shorter trips 3.53 oz
Body Glide partiaily used 2.19 oz
Repair Kit 3 glue dots for NeoAir sleeping pad with alcohol wipes; 1 foot strip of 1" cuben fiber tape 0.32 oz
50 ft 2.2 mm / 650lb Z-Line Slick 1.34 oz
PVC Bear Bag Pipe 0.49 oz
2 Toothpaste Dots w/ Snack Bag 0.11 oz
Toothbrush Generic toothbrush cut down 0.35 oz
iPhone Headphones 0.35 oz
Gorillapod Flexible Tripod GP1 1.69 oz
Archtek Toothpaste Tablet 0.02 oz
iPhone 5 Camera, Reading 3.95 oz
Bosavi Headlamp 2.19 oz
Suunto M-3 Global Pro Compass 1.60 oz
Body Glide, 1.5oz New - 76g 2.68 oz
Body Glide, 0.45oz New - 34g 1.20 oz
Plackers Dental Floss 0.05 oz
Gold Bond, Travel Size 1oz 1.62 oz
Field Notes Space Pen 0.67 oz


Name Description Weight Consumable
REI Halo 25° Sleeping Bag 35.52 oz
Thermarest Zlite Sleeping Pad 13.76 oz
Exped AirPillow Medium 2.75 oz
Thermarest Neoair XLite Regular 12.42 oz
JRB Mt Washington 3 Under Quilt 21.48 oz
Warbonnet Under Quilt Stuff Sack 0.53 oz
Warbonnet Yeti Under Quilt 3-Season Yeti, 20º 11.99 oz
JRB Regular Compression Sack 450 Cubic Inches, for under quilt 1.34 oz
Enlightened Equipment Revelation 0º Top Quilt Inside: Charcoal 10D NB1 Outside: Black 10D NB2 25.93 oz
Enlightened Equipment Revelation 0º Stuff Sack 0.67 oz
Englightened Equipment Prodigy 50º Quilt 6' Regular with 10D inside and out 11.82 oz
Englightened Equipment Prodigy 50º Quilt Stuff Sack 0.53 oz
Enlightened Equipment 30º Revelation Quilt 6' Regular Inside: Charcoal 10D NB1 Outside: Black 10D NB2 17.32 oz
Enlightened Equipment 30º Quilt Stuff Sack 0.60 oz


Name Description Weight Consumable
100oz Camelback Bladder 5.36 oz
Camelback Case 5.01 oz
750ml Camelback Bottle 24oz 5.40 oz
Aquamira Frontier Pro Water Filter 1.73 oz
Aquamira Frontier Pro Water Filter Tube 0.25 oz
Aquamira Frontier Pro Water Filter Bite Valve 0.18 oz
Aquamira Frontier Pro Water Filter Quick Connect Adapter 0.32 oz
Aquamira Frontier Pro Water Filter Bottle Pre-Filter 0.25 oz
Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter Wet Weight, Dry is 64g/2.26oz 2.93 oz
Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter Cap with Cover 0.21 oz
Sawyer Squeeze 0.5L bag 0.63 oz
Sawyer Squeeze 1L bag 0.81 oz
Sawyer Squeeze 2L bag 1.06 oz
Sawyer Squeeze Syringe 1.16 oz
32oz Gatorade Bottle without label 1.80 oz
20oz Gatorade Bottle without label 1.20 oz
Camelback Tube Insulator 0.60 oz
Sawyer Squeeze to Camelbak Adapter 0.46 oz
Platypus 1L Not official weight 0.90 oz
1L Platypus Water Bottle 0.88 oz
Tornado Tube 0.49 oz
Evernew 2L Water Carry 1.52 oz
Evernew 900mL Water Carry 0.99 oz
Camelback Tube 56g without L valve setup 2.15 oz